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trends in university p2 classes

Hi, all.  I'm giving a talk at the Florida P2 Conference in a couple of
weeks on trends in p2 education (university level).  I'd appreciate any
thoughts.  Are pollution prevention courses being offered more often?  Less
often?  Are pollution prevention concepts being taught more in core courses?
Are the concepts being taught in a separate course titled something other
than pollution prevention?  If given as a separate course, is it usually out
of an engineering department, and which engineering discipline?  Are other
departments starting to offer p2 courses?  Any changes in the types of
students that are taking these courses -- like are there more business
students or is it usually engineering and public health students?  How are
ABET requirements meshing with the course?

What are faculty using for curriculum?  Has this changed over the last few

Don't limit yourselves to these questions.  And thanks a bunch for any help.


Kirsten Sinclair Rosselot, P.E.
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