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RE: Expired fire extinguishers questions

opps i forgot the web site


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Subject: Expired fire extinguishers questions

Apologies for any cross-postings.

Besides taking an expired fire extinguisher to oneıs household hazardous
waste site or event (if they accept these) - what can one do with them?

* Are they really useless past the expiration date/when the pointer
indicator is in the red zone?  (Mine, half-way in the green zone after
10+years, reads:  ³Discard when pointer is in the red area².  Iım
there are a lot of fire extinguishers in municipal landfills.  Besides
toxic contents, these are pressurized canisters that can explode under
pressure of landfill gases.  Not a good thing.)
* Can they be ³refurbished²  so the owner can continuously reuse the
canister and only the contents is disposed or recycled?
* Can the contents be recycled?
* Does it make a difference whether it is an individual or a large
(with multiple fire extinguishers) and the ability to refurbish/recycle
­ if
this is done at all?
* If recycling is an option, does any one know what companies do this?

Thanks for any info on this.  -Stephanie
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