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Get recognition for innovative P2 work!

*** Apologies for cross-postings ***

If you have done an exciting P2 project, don't miss out on an opportunity
to be recognized for your work.
NPPR's MVP2 (Most Valuable Pollution Prevention) Awards and PBT-Cup are now
accepting applications for the 2001 Awards.
Applications are due July 20 by close of business (6 pm pacific time).  You
do not have to be a member of NPPR to apply.

The Awards will be disseminated at an Awards' Ceremony in Washington, DC on
September 20 during Pollution Prevention Week.
More information on the awards can be found online at
Award applications can be found online at www.p2.org/p2week/2001mvp2app.htm

If you have questions, please forward to Michele Russo or Dan MacAvoy at
NPPR at (202) 466-7272 or via email at mrusso@p2.org.

11 Dupont Circle, Suite 201
Washington, DC  20036
(202) 466-P2P2
fax (202) 466-7964