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Re: P2 ROI / savings info - Office Paper


I have been working on 2 office paper reduction pilot projects.  Both pilot
projects confirmed what other studies have found -- the costs of using paper
far outweigh the cost of the paper itself.  A useful web site to check out
is the ReThink Paper site at http://www.rethinkpaper.org/index.html.  It was
developed by Earth Island Institute and contains lots of useful information
about paper and paper reduction.  Go to Toolbox - Paper Reduction -
Efficient Use to find a good article on paper efficiency by Bruce Nordman.
The article describes how to construct a Paper Usage and Cost Inventory that
includes the costs of using paper.  Once you have this information for a
given site, then you can calculate the ROI for various reduction activities.

Keep in mind that the Paper Usage and Cost Inventory presented by Mr.
Nordman does not include handling/labor costs associated with using paper.
If you are able to estimate these costs (not an easy task at all), the cost
of using paper rapidly skyrockets.

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on 6/22/01 12:28 PM, Battagliese, Tom at TBattagliese@tlisystems.com wrote:

> Hi everyone, 
> As part of a statewide strategic EMS development for PennDOT, we are
> exploring P2/E2 opportunities based upon an audit sampling of PennDOT
> facilities that we have been working with PA DEP on. We are currently
> compiling a P2/E2 guidance manual for PennDOT, and we are finding very
> little resources pertaining to potential savings and ROI from certain P2
> projects. The P2 areas in the list below are areas that should have some
> sort of quantifiable return and savings, but we are lacking detailed
> information. Does anyone have any information on ROI/savings (environmental
> and economic) on these aspects?  Thanks in advance for your pointers.
> *    Green landscaping
> *    Integrated Pesticide Management, Natural / biological pesticide
> practices, and similar Pesticide Mgmt Practices
> *    Green Chemical Use / Chemical Replacement (since this is vague, I am
> particularly focusing on vehicle maintenance fluids and janitorial
> maintenance products)
> *    Paper Reduction (e.g. through Intranet development, computer and
> electronic document management training,
> *    Green Building Practices
> *    Enzymatic and/or Aqueous Parts Washers
> *    Vehicle Maintenance Fluids (e.g. use of antifreeze recycling
> systems, on-board filtering, etc.)
> *    Closed-loop Vehicle Wash Facilities
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