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Re: Photos of Mercury Sources

I suggest you contact Steve Brachman from the University of Wisconsin - Solid & Hazardous Waste Education Center.  He has lead, with the help of numerous other Hg P2'ers, a great education program and web site.  He may have something for you.  His e-mail address is brachman@uwm.edu  The web site is http://www.uwex.edu/ces/shwec/mr.htm

Deb Jacobson

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Subject: Photos of Mercury Sources

I am a retired college professor who now works as a photo editor/librarian on many college and pre-college science textbooks in biology, chemistry, environmental studies, etc. each year. Authors often ask me to obtain photos illustrating mercury sources, effects, and prevention efforts in freshwater ecosystems. Can you direct me to any sources of such photos? Thanks! Dr. John D. Cunningham Email: vuresearch@starband.net

Please reply to Dr. Cunnigham directly.

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