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Re: Heat recovery/reuse from Heat Exchanger

Heat recovery may be an excellent option for this company. Depending on the
temp, they may even be able to get steam out of it; at the very least, they
can use it for space heat or to pre-heat process water or vapor. In any
case, effective heat recovery almost always pays for itself - and very quickly. 

There is a fine article by Russell F. Dunn and Greg E. Bush on heat exchange
in the February 2001 (vol 9, Number 1) edition of the Journal of Cleaner
Production, entitled: "Using Process Integration Technology for CLEANER
Production." It's somewhat theoretical, but provides very good ideas and an
excellent reference list. (You can read it online by going to
www.sciencedirect.com. Go to the group login, click on search, enter your
key terms, and search for "heat exchange," or "process integration"). 

For specifics, I would contact my friend and colleague, Bill Clark at the
University City Science Center in Philadelphia (215.387.1535 x224). He has
helped many companies save money through heat recovery techniques. He will
definitely have some ideas for you. 

Good luck, 
Todd MacFadden
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At 01:28 PM 7/17/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>I was recently contacted by a fertilizer company interested in finding ways
to recovery or reuse waste heat from their plate & frame heat exchanger.
>Any suggestions, case studies and/or resources?
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