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best P2 resources?

NPPR/P2Rx et. al., is putting together a series of integrated info "hubs" 
listing links to good infornation.  many hubs will be sector specific, but we 
also want a high-level  P2 hub.  e.g, from a management perspective (instead 
of Industry/manufacturer/process-specific), we want to use links to describe 
what P2 is, where to find P2 resources, and who are the P2 experts?  

we thought we'd poll p2tech to see if we've missed some really good p2 

as such, we'd appreciate your top 3-5 best P2 links /resources (aside from 
the ones we utilize/know well such as NPPR, envirosense, P2Rx, EPA's P2 page, 

PLEASE RESPOND DIRECT gaithermj@aol.com instead of entire listserv.