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Scrap Fiber P2/Reuse/Recycle

Hello! If anyone has any ideas for the following request for
p2/reuse/recycle, please contact Cybil at clinke@hotmail.com

Rolls of vulcanized fiber are stamped into rectangular pieces for use as a
guide in electrical circuits.  The scrap from these rolls is currently
thrown into the landfill.
     The fiber (paper) is made from a wood pulp or cotton base (old Levi's
jeans for example) that is ground up.  The layers are then run through a
zinc chloride bath (serves as a bonding agent) where the different layers
are bound together and it solidifies.  The single layer is then washed in a
series of water solutions with zinc chloride and moisture leaches out.  It
is then dried and sold as rolls.
     A sample of scraps was taken to a local recycling company to see if
they could do anything with it.   Unfortunately, they have no use for the
paper.  The supplier currently landfills 50,000 pounds annually because an
alternative use hasn't been discovered.  They have been working on
possibilities for months, to no avail.  They were thinking of using the
scraps as decorative mulch, however a machine wasn't found that could chop
the pieces into proper sizes.  Fuel value was another idea that was brought
to the table.
     Any other ideas where this paper may be used?

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