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"200" Level Metal Finishing "Train-the trainer" Workshops

The national Strategic Goals Program (SGP) is planning two, two-day
training sessions specifically for metal finishing technical assistance
providers in Washington, D.C. September 10-11 and in Chicago, November
28-29, 2001. If you specialize in P2 technical assistance for metal
finishers, DON'T MISS THIS TRAINING! You will come away with many great
ideas, approaches, software tools, a training video, an EMS template and

These first SGP "train-the-trainer" sessions will feature Region IX's P2
for Metal Finishing tools and approaches. I personally hope this training
will become an annual event showcasing other region's/state's/local
government's successful tools and approaches, as it matures. I also hope
that these kind of sector-specific P2 focused "200 series" trainings become
a more regular feature in the P2 world. I think this is exactly what we
need more of in the new millenium!   Who's next??

N.B. Please don't respond to me if interested - respond via email or Fax to
Carl Koch at extensions listed below.


                         Strategies for Achieving
                    Pollution Prevention and SGP Goals

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP.  The Metal Finishing Strategic Goals Program (SGP) is
offering a 2-day training event for assistance providers.  Learn:
1.     practical, field-tested pollution prevention (P2) techniques and
technologies for metal finishing processes, and
2.     how to identify and communicate P2 and EMS opportunities to metal

Senior staff from Tetra Tech EM Inc. (Patrick Wooliever & Michael Keefe)
will present the workshop, which will cover all aspects of over 7 years of
EPA- and state-funded P2 work with the metal finishing industry.  The
workshop will feature case studies and "real world" experience from diverse
electroplaters and anodizers. Topics that will be covered are listed below:

      Metal Finishing Processes
      Best Practices for Dragout Reduction
      Rinse Optimization/Water Conservation
      Spray Rinse System Design
      Conductivity Controlled Rinsing
      Reducing Chrome Emissions
      Conducting Effective and Efficient Metal Finishing P2 Assessments
      Dragout Measurement:  Methods and an Analysis Spreadsheet
      EMS Template for Metal Finishers
      P2 to meet regulatory requirements (e.g. MP&M).

Priority for attendees will be given to Technical Assistance Providers who
are actively working to help SGP partners achieve SGP Goals!

WORKSHOP LOGISTICS.  SGP Headquarters is offering this workshop at two

                         September 10 and 11, 2001
                           9:00 a.m. ? 4:30 p.m.
                   Hilton, Crystal City, Arlington, Va.
                      (near Reagan National Airport)
                  Tentatively - November 28 and 29, 2001
                              Hotel - T.B.A.
                                Chicago, IL

      Registration fee (includes course materials, light breakfast and
lunch): $60.00 (2 days).
      Please complete the following and fax this sheet by August 10, 2001

Carl Koch, Project Coordinator, at (202) 260-2739 or e-mail Carl at






Indicate Workshop Location (check one):
q      Washington, DC           Chicago, IL

Will Hotel reservations be needed?
q      Yes ? # of nights ____   No

 This form is meant to be an expression of interest in taking the course.
Additional registration information (times, hotel location in Chicago) and
             registration confirmation will follow via e-mail.


Leif Magnuson
Pollution Prevention Coordinator
U.S. EPA Region IX, WST-7
75 Hawthorne St.
San Francisco, CA  94105
(415) 744-2153 Tel
(415) 744-1680 Fax