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Available Documents

Our pending move requires a practical approach to the older and less used documents in our resource center.  Please email me directly if you are interested in any of the following documents, and I'll mail them to you shortly.  Otherwise their best outlook is landfill gas recovery.  

David Herb
Environmental Engineer
Pollution Prevention Section
MDEQ - Environmental Assistance Division
2nd Floor Town Center, 333 S. Capitol
P.O. Box 30457
Lansing, MI 48909-7957

Phone: 517-241-8176
Fax: 517-373-3675
Email: herbdw@state.mi.us

"Abstracts of Pollution Prevention Case Study Sources," EPA 742-B-94-001, January 1994

"Biogas Energy Systems: A Great Lakes Casebook," Great Lakes Regional Biomass Energy Program, May 1992

"Development of a Steel-Foundry Waste Sand Reclamation Process," Michigan Technology University, September 1992

"Environmental Feasibility Study for Toscan Skin & Hyde Co.: Industrial Waste Diversion Program," Environment Ontario, June 1991

"Evaluation of Industrial Process Modifications to Reduce Hazardous Wastes in the Armed Services," 40th Annual Purdue Industrial Waste Conference, May 1985

"Facility Pollution Prevention Guide," EPA/600/R-92/088, May 1992

"Foundry Wastes in Michigan: Inventory, Reduction, and Research and Demonstration Needs," Michigan Technology University, March 1991

"Guides to Pollution Prevention: Selected Hospital Waste Streams," EPA/625/7-90/009, June 1990

"Guides to Pollution Prevention: The Fabricated Metal Products Industry," EPA/625/7-90/006, June 1990

"Managing Postconsumer Waste at DoD Facilities: Report to the Congress," February 1991

"Michigan Timber Industry-An Assessment of Timber Product Output and Use, 1990," USDA, April 1993

"Occupational Safety and Health Guidance Manual for Hazardous Waste Site Activities," NIOSH, October 1985

"Partners for the Environment: A Catalogue of the Agency's Partnership Programs," EPA-100-B-97-003, Spring 1998

"People, Places, and Partnerships: A Progress Report on Community Based Environmental Protection," EPA-100-R-97-003, July 1997

"Preliminary Data Summary for Industrial Laundries," EPA 440/1-89/103, September 1989

"Waste Audit Study: Automotive Paint Shops," California Dept of Health Services, January 1987

"Waste Audit Study: Fiberglass - Reinforced and Composite Plastic Products," California Dept of Health Services, April 1989

"Waste Audit Study: General Medical and Surgical Hospitals," California Dept of Health Services, August 1988

"Waste Management Study of Foundries Major Waste Streams: Phase 1," HWRIC, November 1992

"Waste Recycling Study: Report to the Congress", February 1991