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RE: Refrigerant program

Hello to Everyone, I am working on a project on linking implementation of
the Multilateral Environmental Agreements to the Cleaner Production
networks. I will very much appreciate your input on the following points:

1. Does anyone know about examples of co-operation of the implementation
bodies of the conventions and CP or P2 networks or organisations?
2. What do you think are the most relevant to CP or P2 international
3. Do you know other CP or P2 related forums I could post these questions?

Thank you in advance, 
Tamila Gaynutdinova,
UNEP DTIE, Cleaner Production Unit,
39/43 Quai Andre Citroen, Paris 75739.
phone:  33 1 44 37 76 24
fax:      33 1 44 37 14 74