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Call for Papers - Greening Supply Chain Management

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Greener Management International


The past few decades have seen businesses come under increasing scrutiny
from governments, communities, shareholders, non-governmental organisations
and competitors on numerous natural environmental issues. Researchers and
practitioners have studied and implemented a number of reactive and
proactive measures to help organisations respond to these pressures. In
fact, many organisations have come to realise that organisational strategies
and practices that incorporate consideration of the natural environment can
be a source of competitive advantage. Studies in this area have focused on
financial, operational, marketing, labour, technological and strategic
topics that organisations are pursuing. One of the key elements in the
management of corporate environmental practices is the linkage between and
relationship to vendors and suppliers. As a result, the greening of supply
chain management is now becoming a major factor in the environmental
management of organisations. 

The role of supply chain management and its relationship to environmental
programmes in organisations is in its infancy from both a research and
practice perspective. Therefore, we have decided to devote a special theme
issue of 'Greener Management International' to provide both researchers and
practitioners with state-of-the-art contributions in green supply chain
management. The issue aims to be a single source of information on some of
the latest issues facing this field. We are looking for high-quality papers
and studies that can be valuable to both the management and research
communities. Theoretical or conceptual papers should have a strong practical
significance that can be transferred to business practice. Case studies are
also welcome. It is intended that the 'special issue' will focus on a number
of topical areas within green supply chain management. Examples of topics
that could be addressed include, but are not limited to:

* Strategic relationships between supplier management and corporate
environmental programmes. How organisations integrate supplier management
and environmental programmes to determine long-term development of
competitive advantage. Integration of environmental and supply management
(procurement, inbound logistics, material and inventory management)
including other sustainability and social goals. Using strategic
environmental benchmarking data for research and evaluation of corporate
financial and market performance.

* Green supply chain management as a tool to develop and manage
organisational relationship development across organisational boundaries.

* The roles of environmental management systems (e.g. ISO 14001) within
green supply chain management.

* Regulatory relationships to green supply chain management. What are the
implications of current and emerging regulatory policies on managing
organisational supply chains, e.g. the sharing of information for life-cycle
analysis and product stewardship of products, materials and components.
Investigation into the role of various governmental sources and programmes
to aid in green supply chain management.

* Tools and models for green supply chain management including:
- Vendor selection methodologies that incorporate environmental criteria
- Vendor assessment and auditing approaches for current members
- Using the Internet and other pervasive information technologies to aid in
green supply chain management
- Tools to help optimise transportation and inbound logistics from an
economic and environmental perspective
- Environmental benchmarking with respect to the supply chain

* The role of green supply chain management within other operational
management programmes such as total quality environmental management,
just-in-time management, design for the environment, reverse logistics and
inbound logistics.

The submissions will be peer-reviewed based on the standards of the journal
with quick decisions made to meet the deadlines for publication. Papers will
be evaluated on their contribution, suitability to the special issue, and
overall quality. Authors should closely follow the submission guidelines
which can be found by clicking on "Notes to Contributors" at the 'Greener
Management International' website at
http://www.greenleaf-publishing.com/gmihome.htm. Electronic submissions
using MS Word for Windows are encouraged. Alternatively, four copies of the
manuscript should be mailed to the Guest Editor at the address below by 30th
November 2001. The Guest Editor is also happy to discuss potential
contributions with prospective contributors.

Professor Joseph Sarkis
Graduate School of Management
Clark University
950 Main Street
Worcester, MA 01610-1477
Tel: (508) 793-7659
Fax: (508) 793-8822
E-mail: jsarkis@clarku.edu

It is anticipated that the 'special issue' will be published in April 2002.