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Legal issues and EMS's

One and all,

The issue of the legal community not supporting implementation of EMS's in 
companies has raised it's head.

I would like to hear from environmental lawyers on this list as to why they 
would not or do not recommend that their clients implement an ISO 14000 

The reasons I have heard to date are:

"advising against it because of the legal system in this country"

"EPA's published positions"-apparently not considering the Performance 
Track program or the fact that many states have legislation on permitting 
benefits for companies that have an EMS in place

"potential exposure by public exposure" -excuse me, alot of this info is 
already available from reports to state or federal agencies and is considered 
public info

"potential public release of aspects and impacts-could become potentially 
effective under a  current revision of the standard"

"patent issues"

I would appreciate hearing any real arguments from the legal community.


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