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Industrial Laundries

Does anyone know of a good reference document on energy recovery equipment, rinse water reuse systems, and/or wash water reclamation systems for in process water recycling at industrial or commercial laundries?  Recognized experts would additionally be helpful.

I have already checked the archives and know of the following documents and associations:

The "Facility Manager's Guide to Water Management" at: http://www.amwua.org/fmgtwm.pdf

Water and Chemical Conservation Through Installation of Ultra Tandem 65k/12 Tunnel Washer

A Case Study of the Recycling of Pretreated Process Effluent Water at a Commercial Laundry Facility

Water Conservation Ideas for Laundries and Linen Suppliers

"Pollution Prevention at Industrial Laundries: Assessment Observations and Waste Reduction Options," EPA820R95010

Wastewater Recycling Systems Fact Sheet [general issues, non-sector specific] 

Coin Laundry Association in Illinois 

The National Association of Institutional Linen Management (NAILM)  http://www.nailm.com/index.html 

The Textile Care Allied Trades Association (TCATA)


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