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[Fwd: POTW regulations]

Posting for a contact, please respond to Shawn directly as he is not a
listserv member.  He is endeavoring to develop "cleaner" chemical as his
chemical manufacturing company.

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Subject: POTW regulations
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 09:57:21 -0700 (PDT)
From: Shawn Kilty <shawnkilty@yahoo.COM>
To: Sue Sommerfelt <sue.sommerfelt@uni.edu>

Dear Madams and Sirs--I am a chemist looking to
formulate a drain disposable industrial chemical. 
With this end in mind, I am interested in obtaining,
if possible, a compilation or summation of POTW
requirements across the country, without having to
contact every POTW myself.  I am primarily interested
in quantitative values (or qualitative values if
quantitative numbers are not available) for FOGs, BOD,
COD, Phenols, and color (including fluorescence).  If
you have any information, or could recommend a
resource where this type of information might be
obtained, I would be very appreciative.  Please
contact me directly with any information that you
might have at 563-659-8143x336 or shawnkilty@yahoo.com
Thank You--Shawn Kilty, ITW Fluid Products Group

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