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Re: Recycling used thinner

A search of the internet (Google search) turned up many references but the
URL below is a fact sheet with the title

                 Fact Sheet: Considerations for Selecting a Distillation Unit
for On-Site Solvent Recycling
                 Office of Waste Reduction Services
                 State of Michigan
                 Departments of Commerce and Natural Resources
                 December 1991
                 Rev. 2/93
                 Last Updated: November 10, 1995

The URL is:


About half way through the Fact Sheet begins a listing of numerous suppliers
of distillation and other solvent recycling equipment. Another URL with a
list of companies is :   http://www.mntap.umn.edu/OTHER/equ/Rl15-e4.htm

I personally have experience with several units which we used for paint
thinner recycling and for isopropyl recycling. These units were made by
Finish Thompson, Inc. , Erie, PA (814/455-4478).
Do a search using the criteria "solvent recycling" +distillation on Google
and see if any other sites provide information you can use.

I hope this helps.

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Subject: Recycling used thinner

I have a client company that is interested in recycling used thinner from a
solvent-based paint gun cleaner.  They are looking for a unit
that is closed looped, emits no VOCs, and results in clean lacquer thinner
re-use and solids that would be handled as hazardous waste.  A completely
loop unit will exempt them from RCRA permitting issues, but the burden of
will be on us.

The company currently uses the thinner to clean the pain guns and the
residue (waste
thinner and solids) is disposed of as hazardous waste.  As you know, this
will result in a benefical re-use of the thinner and reduction in haz.

Does anyone have experience with this type of unit or can recommend a unit
we should investigate?

Thanks for any ideas you can provide.

Judy Wlodarczyk
Environmental Management Specialist