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RE: Linseed oil impacts??


If I recall correctly, asphalt haulers use a product called "SuperSlip" to
keep their truck beds clean.  This product contains a silicone lubricant
that prevents the asphalt from sticking.  Silicone oils are generally
recognized as safe with regards to dermal contact (i.e., they are approved
for use in cosmetics) and a preferred alternative to the use of diesel fuel
for cleaning truck beds.  I don't have any info on their long-term
environmental persistence or if they would be suitable for your given
application.  Since you are land-farming the biosolids, crop uptake would be
a concern.

As for linseed oil, it might be a good choice since it is a natural product
and biodegradable.  Do keep in mind that linseed oil oxidizes readily and is
often associated with the "spontaneous combustion" of oil-soaked material
such as rags.  Spraying the truck bed with a thin coating of oil might be
safe but I wouldn't try soaking the solids with oil.  If you do, you could
end up with a smoldering fire at your landfarm.  Also keep in mind that this
oil is a major component of varnish and that it will leave a sticky residue
after use.  This may make solids removal more difficult over time.

Is there a way to alter your new process so that you don't take dewatering
so far?  Hauling a slightly wetter cake may be a better approach than adding
another potential contaminant to the biosolids.  Check with the equipment
vendor and find out what changes can be made.  You should also check the
min. - max. solids content requested in your performance specification since
your system may not be performing as required.  If so, the system vendor
should be solving this problem for you.  Also check with your system
operators to make sure they are operating the system as designed and
intended.  They may be judging their performance on delivering the driest
cake possible with their new toy.

Good luck with your troubleshooting efforts,

Mike.callahan@jacobs.com <mailto:Mike.callahan@jacobs.com>

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Subject: Linseed oil impacts??

We're a wastewater treatment plant that land applies its biosolids
(basically recycling the nutrients in wastewater).  Do to a good P2 program
the metals in the biosolids are 10-50 times below the EPA standards.  Now,
do to a new process we're using the solids content (30%) is quite high and
the biosolids (sludge) doesn't come out of the ram-eject trucks we've
purchased.  Some have said they have used lindseed oil to promote materials
coming out of the truck trailers.  Is that a bad thing?  Does lindseed oil
have some negative potential for land application?  Are there other
alternatives to lubricating these trailers so the biosolids come out easier?
Ideas please.

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