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Green investing

To my colleagues and fellow travelers,

We have been acting as advisors and co-instructors for the last 18 months
for an initiative at the Carlson School of Business at the University of
Minnesota that is developing "green screens" that can be used to make
investment decisions.  The project is in the form of a class and field
studies project that has MBA candidates directing the management of funds
provided by a local venture capitalist. One output is that students leave
the experience thinking much differently about product development, process
design, marketing, and strategic management and their connection with
environmental impacts...plus learning stock-picking.

We are at the stage where we would like to compare our screens and
approaches with other university-based investment initiatives, especially
those staffed or advised by students and faculty.  These need not be focused
on "green investing", although that would be the most helpful.  Any leads on
who else is doing this?

--Terry Foecke
Managing Partner
Materials Productivity LLC
6701 Penn Avenue South, Suite 200
Richfield, MN  55423
(p) 612-243-3605
(f) 612-243-3608