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Exams for P2 knowledge?

Howdy all.  I am looking for some examples of good exams or tests of basic knowledge of P2 principles that are appropriate for local government staff learning how to promote P2 to business.  We have been building a team of such folks in the Philippines for several years, now they want to test themselves!  They are all senior city officials, most of them are the personal advisors of the mayor.  (our project website is www.cleancities.net)
I have considered giving them a case study, for example:  If you are the mayor's "go-to" guy, what could you do about a local food processing company is polluting the local river badly but employs a lot of people and the owner is probably married to the mayor's second cousin and the local enviro officials are so badly paid that a $10 bribe makes them go away.  Like the real world.  With such a case exam I might ask the participants themselves to grade the answers by having each person give a short presentation about what they would do, and have the group discuss the proposed solution.  I won't tell them that I plan to have the person with the best answers take over the training.
However a good multiple-choice test might also be good, and easier for them to cope with.  They are not used to taking tests, they are mostly 50-year-old wise guys or city technical managers.
As always I will be happy to post an edited compendium of any responses.
Burt Hamner