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Re: controlled spray program

As an aside for everyone's additional information, EPA's environmental technology verification (ETV) program has completed a report on the laser touch targeting device for manual paint spray systems. The May 2000 report was prepared by the National Defense Center for Environmental Excellance, Operated by Concurrent Technologies Corp. The report is online at http://www.epa.gov/etv/04/lasertouch_vr.pdf
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>>> "Sue Sommerfelt" <Sue.Sommerfelt@uni.edu> 08/27/01 11:37AM >>>
Perhaps your best bet for "controlled spray" program is the IWRC's Laser
Touch targeting device. The attachable laser targeting tool can be
applied in any industry that does manual spraying.  It would be
interesting to run a case study with your client using the STAR painting
techniques in conjunction with the Laser Touch.

Call us if you are interested 1-800-422-3109.