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Re: Amount of recovery from Silver Recovery units

In 1995 the Association of Metropolitan Sewerage Agencies, with an industry
group called the Silver Coalition, produced a document entitled:

"Recommendations on Technology, Equipment and Management Practices for
Controlling Silver Discharges from Practices that Process Photographic

AMSA is at:

1816 Jefferson Place, NW
 Washington D.C. 20036-2505
 (202) 833-AMSA
 (202) 833-4657 Fax

Sometimes the price of silver renders a profit and sometimes it does not.
The point is not whether they are making a profit.  The point is that
recovery compares extremely favorably with the cost of proper management.
By comparing the cost of recovery (which is minimal compared with any other
hazardous waste) to improper disposal, one is indulging in the fallacy that
continuing improper disposal has no cost.  The fact is, because one may
eventually be made to pay for the violations of RCRA and CWA, or
groundwater rules, or for contamination, the actual costs are in the future
and are contingent on the violators/polluters being held to account.  But
future and contingent costs are real.  Even more real is that as awareness
grows that here is an aquatic toxin that is also a valuable substance and
options to manage it responsibly are widely available and extremely cheap,
the chances that those who continue to choose not to do the right thing can
be held up for public shame are quite high.  This is perhaps not a present
cost but it is a substantial risk.  If they will only recycle their silver
if it makes them a profit, they should be ashamed of themselves.

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Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know how much silver is recovered from
xray/photographic fixer when using a silver recovery units?  Some
dentists that I have been working with want to compare numbers to
see if using silver recovery would be economical for them or even
make them some money.  Has anyone compared the different
types of silver recovery units and their effectiveness?  For example,
this type of unit with this amount of fixer would yield this much

Thanks in advance for any input!

Marlyn Aguilar
Hawaii Dept of Health
Waste Minimization Coordinator