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Web-Based Roundtable on Financial Aspects of Cleaner Production

 This web-based discussion is targeted to E Europe but the topics are
relevant everywhere.  For more information on financing pollution prevention
and cleaner production, see www.cleanerproduction.com/finance.htm
- Burt Hamner
> Dear Colleague,
> It is my pleasure to invite you to participate in an on-line conference
> on The Financial Aspects of Cleaner Production: The What, Why and How of
> Finance in Cleaner Production as Applied to Central and Eastern Europe
> and the Newly Independent States.  The conference is sponsored by the
> Environment and Natural Resources Division of the Bureau for Europe and
> Eurasia of the United States Agency for International Development in
> order to promote discussion about this important issue.  The next two
> sessions of the conference will be held on September 11 and October 23,
> 2001 from 12:00 to 14:00 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).  The intent of the
> discussions is to assist people in Central and Eastern Europe and the
> Newly Independent States in thinking about how to factor finance into
> their cleaner production project planning.
> Despite proven ability to cut costs and increase profits, cleaner
> production projects are often difficult to sell to both company
> management and financial institutions.  This is not only because of
> misconceptions about them but also because these projects are often not
> prepared with financial issues in mind.  Our aim is to explain the
> various financial aspects of cleaner production to participants, and
> allow them to discuss solutions to specific problems with expert
> panelists.  We hope that they will gain sufficient understanding to be
> able to factor the financial perspective into their cleaner production
> project planning so as to elicit more favorable decisions by both
> company management and financial institutions.
> The discussion sessions will be entirely cost-free and accessed through
> a specially created web site, www.envirodialogue2001.net.  The web site
> will also house a number of germane case studies and an essay on each of
> the three topic areas identified below.  The discussion session themes
> and dates are listed below:
> 1. The first topic was Management and Environmental Accounting.  It was
> held this past July 31 and the transcript now is available for viewing
> at our web site address above or direct link to
> www.envirodialogue2001.net/transcriptQ&A1_2001.shtml.)
> 2. Money Saved is Money Made: Creating a Financial Analysis of a Cleaner
> Production Project, September 11
> 3. Obtaining External Financing, October 23
> As I said earlier, each discussion will be conducted from 12:00 to 14:00
> Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
> If you would like to participate (or know of others who might like to)
> please go to www.envirodialogue2001.net at the above time and dates.  To
> get the most out of the discussions, we urge you to visit the website a
> week or two beforehand to review the essays and case studies.  If you
> have any questions about participating or any difficulty accessing the
> web site, please contact Mr. Alex Wood either by email-
> awood@devtechsys.com, telephone- 202 223 4409, or fax- 202 223 4401.
> I look forward to talking with you on-line!
> Best Regards,
> J.A. Atchue III, CEP, CHMM
> Project Manager
> Environment Information Systems
> and Networking Project