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Do-It-Yourself E-Newsletters

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September 8, 2001 
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As a fellow "marketeer", you should sign-up today for our special newsletter dedicated to ideas and tips for successful marketing campaigns.

Marketing Hints for the
Marketing Challenged

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Have you heard about the new  NewsGoodies.com Newsletter Service?

NewsGoodies is a Newsletter Creation Tool that is simple to use and VERY AFFORDABLE at only $10 per month.  You can send out 2000 email newsletters at a bottom line cost of only one-half of one cent per email.  Do the math on that one!!!

Some examples of businesses that could benefit from the NewsGoodies E-Newsletter Service are:
  • Real Estate Professionals - send new listing information to prospective buyers and other Real Estate Professionals
  • Insurance Agents - keep your clients up-to-date on changes to policies and industry news
  • Small Businesses - announce new products, specials, hours, etc.
  • Churches - keep congregations informed on upcoming events
  • Nurseries - keep in touch with customers during off-season, i.e.: reminders for planting, fertilizing, etc.

Looking for a way to PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS?

Have you been looking for an inexpensive way to promote your business or project?  Now you can do it with our new easy to use e-newsletter tool.

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In about 5 minutes of pointing, clicking, and typing, you can populate any one of our many templates (57 and rising) and send it out to everyone on your mailing list.  We have a fabulous upload tool that enables you to export your contacts from your database or Microsoft Outlook product and import them directly into your NewsGoodies account.  How much easier could it be?

You can use your NewsGoodies account to...
  • send periodic newsletters to existing clients

  • show your clients how you go the 'extra mile' to keep the lines of communication open

  • send informational e-newsletters to prospective new customers

  • up-sell your current customers

  • offer discounts and incentives via email

  • send out staff and company updates

  • keep in touch with your family and friends

Try it out FREE!!! 

That's right!  We have a LIMITED ACCESS membership that allows you to send up to 30 emails per month absolutely FREE.  What a great way to send out great looking e-newsletters to friends and family.  You can upgrade to a FULL ACCESS membership at any time.  NewsGoodies accepts Visa & MasterCard.  

What do you get with a FULL ACCESS membership? 

You get...

  • access to all NewsGoodies Templates - 57 and rising
  • send up to 10,000 e-newsletters per day
  • organize your different mailing lists with our easy to use Address Book tool
  • customized templates according to your design specs
  • to save tons of money on marketing costs
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