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RE: Needing statistics for Al and paper recycling

Go to our home page, found under my name. Click on North Carolina on the
map. Click on Recycling Information and go from there. Let me know if I can
help you further. This may not answere all of you questions, but I checked
and found some of the answeres. 

Rudy Moehrbach
Staff Engineer
Waste Reduction Resource Center
Raleigh NC
Phone 800-476-8686
Web http://wrrc.p2pays.org

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From: Kirsten Koepsel [mailto:kkoepsel@arri.uta.edu]
Sent: Friday, September 07, 2001 2:20 PM
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Subject: Needing statistics for Al and paper recycling

One and all,

I am looking for some statistics for paper, aluminum cans and paperboard 
recycling efforts. I have several companies that have on-site recycling of
above 3 materials. 

They are interested in the following statistics-what does recycling a pound
each of the materials do? ie for every pound of aluminum cans recycled, x 
amount of ore are not drilled, x gallons of oil saved, x kilowatt hours of 
electricity are saved, x amount of trees not cut down, etc.

I have looked at the sites for aluminum can and paperboard recycling but 
neither list any kind of statistic that is useful other than we now recycle
% of all aluminum cans made.

The companies would like the info to show their employees just what effect 
they can have on the environment by recycling these wastes. 

Kirsten M. Koepsel
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