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RE: Needing statistics for Al and paper recycling

Below is a list of statistics we gleaned from various sources. We used it to
develop a "Recycling Quiz" our employees could take on Earth Day to test
their recycling knowledge. It was well received...George

Recycling one ton of paper saves 20 trees.  And it saves the equivalent of
4100 kwh energy, 7000 gallons of water, 60 pounds of air emissions and 3
cubic yards of landfill space. Paper can be recycled up to 7 times.

Each year, 223 pounds of corrugated cardboard is produced per person. 

Sixty four percent of post consumer cardboard is recycled.  (If pre-consumer
scrap is included, the recycling rate is 73%.)

Only 2.5 quarts of motor oil can be extracted from a 42-gallon barrel of
crude oil,.  (It takes only one gallon of used motor oil to retrieve the
same 2.5 quarts.) 

Making new aluminum cans from used cans takes 95% less energy then what is
needed to produce one virgin can.  Twenty recycled cans can be made with the
energy needed to produce one virgin can. 

Recycling one aluminum can save enough energy to run your television for 3

Recycling one glass jar saves enough energy to light a light bulb for 4

The average American uses approximately 130 steel cans per year. 

The percentage of steel cans recycled in 1996 was 58 %. 

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Subject: Needing statistics for Al and paper recycling

One and all,

I am looking for some statistics for paper, aluminum cans and paperboard 
recycling efforts. I have several companies that have on-site recycling of
above 3 materials. 

They are interested in the following statistics-what does recycling a pound
each of the materials do? ie for every pound of aluminum cans recycled, x 
amount of ore are not drilled, x gallons of oil saved, x kilowatt hours of 
electricity are saved, x amount of trees not cut down, etc.

I have looked at the sites for aluminum can and paperboard recycling but 
neither list any kind of statistic that is useful other than we now recycle
% of all aluminum cans made.

The companies would like the info to show their employees just what effect 
they can have on the environment by recycling these wastes. 

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