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Re: Automobile Battery Manufacture


The following websites may be helpful:  

"A Case Study from EP3: A Pollution Prevention Assessment for a Manufacturer of Starting, Lighting, and Ignition Batteries"

"...The Case of Used Lead Acid Batteries in the Philippines"

"Battery Design for Cleaner Production"

"Process Improvements in Lead Battery Manufacture"

Kevin Greene
Illinois EPA

>>> Robert Pojasek <rpojasek@sprynet.com> 09/14/01 02:18PM >>>
Have any of you been involved in P2 Technical Assistance for manufacturers 
of automobile batteries?  I am looking for process descriptions and 
opportunities for pollution prevention for an upcoming trip to 
Brazil.  Harvard University is trying to build some capacity for cleaner 
production and pollution prevention working jointly with a university and a 
river basin authority.  They feel that lead release from this industry is 
one of their priorities.  Any leads would be appreciated.

Thank you.


Dr. Robert B. Pojasek
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