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Powder Coatings


A local facility uses a powder coating system to coat playground equipment.
They recently reported that nearly 40 percent of the raw powder ends up as
waste in addition to an inability to successfully recycle the waste powder.
A lot of the loss may be due to color change-outs.  They HAVE taken measures
to insure proper application by the spray system (pattern, volume, pressure,

Does anyone know if a 40 percent loss of raw material is "average" with
powder coating systems, or perhaps, what average loss should be expected
from a powder coating operation?  This sounds way too high!!!
Also, have newer powders become more recyclable?  Any thoughts on outlets
for recycling such a waste (no one seems to want a multi-colored speckled

The company was instructed to contact similar operations to determine if
such a loss of raw material is routine.  I also suggested checking records
to determine if this huge loss was experienced when the system was first
installed...they have been using powder coatings for many years now.

I thought, until now, that powder coating operations were relatively
efficient - particularly since the application is electrostatic - although
losses from color change-outs would not be related to the method of

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I will reference the archives for
past comments on this topic.

Thanks, Ric