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Hydrogen Storage: Chemical Emergency Planning and Response

Thu Sep. 20, 2001


I am looking into the storage of compressed hydrogen gas
for use in fuel cell applications. My area of interest is
the planning and the response for chemical emergency, in
case of release of the high pressure hydrogen. Proper
preplanning will minimize undesirable consequences and
possibly reduce pollution. This preplanning will probably
require HAZOP, Plume modeling, and possibly risk
management planning (RMP) for off-site consequence
analyses (based on 112(r) of the Clean Air Act).

I welcome any suggestions, sharing of experience,
information on the required analysis and scenarios, or
possible contact names.

Thank you all. My apologies for any cross-posting.

Have a nice day.

Ihab Farag  603-862-2313

Ihab H. Farag, Sc.D., P.E.         * E-Mail: ihab.farag@unh.edu  or
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