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Uses for Sodium Sulfate?

Hello Group...

We have a client who will be generating about 1300 lbs/day by by-product
sodium sulfate decahydrate from a Regenesys Energy Storage plant.  General
composition of the material is:

water: 54.03%
sodium sulfate: 42.59%
sodium bromide: 2.99%
potassium salts: 0.4%

The waste typically has about 10% free moisture content.  The client would
like to locate a use for this by-product or waste which would eliminate the
need for solid waste disposal or discharge through wastewater treatment

Anyone have any ideas of potential uses for this material?  Sorry for the
somewhat off-topic nature of the post; I will also make the appropriate
inquiries through the 'usual' waste/materials exchange sites.  Just looking
for whatever opinions I can get on this matter.


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