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Re: conversion of disposed tires into energy

Several pulp and paper companies in the US are burning tire derived fuels
(TDF) with bark and/or coal or oil in their boilers (some cogen facilities
are doing the same in their coal-fired boilers).  There are also a couple
of EPA reports on the subject.  Tires burning uncontrolled in a landfill
(or serving as breeding grounds for mosquitoes) has a much worse effect on
the environment than companies burning TDF in their boilers as a
supplemental fuel.  Generally the air pollution issues are an increase
particulate emissions when a scrubber is the control device and a potential
increase in SO2 emissions (depending on baseline fuel) when an ESP is the
control device.  CO actually goes down because the TDF burns very hot.
Test data have shown that burning TDF in a boiler with an ESP produces
emissions that are very similar to coal burning emissions.

One EPA reference available on the web: "Air Emissions from Scrap Tire
Combustion," EPA-600/R-97-115, October 1997.

Amy Marshall
URS Corporation
Raleigh, NC
(919) 850-9511