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FW: pollution prevention strategies - primary separation sludge(FO37) waste in petroleum refinery

 Raul -
Many of the P2 strategies relate to effective management of water within the refinery.  A couple of good starting points for strategies (listed in approximate order of usefulness) include the following:
Refining Industry Pollution Prevention Opportunities Checklist
Michigan State University: Pollution Prevention Case Study on Petroleum Refining
Fact Sheet: Pollution Prevention: Strategies for Petroleum Refining
Another good source, albeit one not available online, is browsing through the proceedings of the National Petroleum Refiners Association (NPRA) Environmental Conferences (http://www.npradc.org/publications/order.html#ec)  -- some of the papers are relevant to the topic, though will need to be ordered and paid for.
Hope this helps, at least a little.

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Need information on pollution prevention strategies for source reduction/waste minimization of primary separation sludge (FO37) waste in

petroleum refinery.

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