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Re: conversion of disposed tires into energy

Illinois conducted research on used tire utilization.    It was discovered 
that certain types boilers can use a mixture of tires (~10%) and coal 
without environmental problems.    Several industries and utilities are 
burning  shredded tires.   Information  on the research and use can be 
obtained from the Dept, of commerce and Community affairs,  office of 
Energy and Recycling  217-785-2009.

At 11:00 AM 9/21/01 -0600, Gonzalez, Raul wrote:
>I received a strange inquiry from South America dealing with the conversion
>of disposed tires into energy. The client wanted to know what are the
>issues related to this type of conversion. In addition, the client wanted
>to know if there were any best management practices available for this sort
>of process.
>To convert disposed tires into energy requires a great degree of energy
>itself, not to mention the adverse impact it will have on the environment.
>Does anyone have information for this individual? Burning tires to create
>energy is really not an option I would recommend, but perhaps we could
>assist this individual with the appropriate information so that a reduction
>in emissions can be achieved.
>Raul E. Gonzalez
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