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FW: ethanol recovery from process wastes

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List members -
I received an inquiry recently regarding the recovery of "pot ale" from whiskey production.   Pot ale is the the liquor left in the still after the first distillation of the fermented wort or mash (aka "Wash").  It contains dissolved solids including spent yeast, residual alcohol, unfermentable solids, and fermentation byproducts.  Separable solids from this distillation are typically recovered for land application or animal feeding but the liquid stream is harder to find markets for.
The person making the inquiry was originally looking for firms with process engineering experience at recovering ethanol from the pot ale, but I think they would be interested in any economically viable processes for converting this material into a useful byproduct. 
I understand from my own research that in at least one instance, pot ales are concentrated via evaporation into a viscous syrup, mixed with roughage, and fed to cattle.  In some areas of Europe, land application is also applied.   However, I would be interested in knowing of other potential applications, and just as importantly, firms who have experience at engineering such applications.
Please direct your responses to the list, or to myself.  I will forward them along to the person making the inquiry.

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