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Seeking online P2 Resources for the Chemical manufacturing Indust ry

P2TECHies --
I will be speaking at  SOCMA's* "Symposium on Pollution Prevention and Environmental Regulations" (http://www.socma.com/PDFfiles/agenda5.pdf) in Columbus, OH in a few weeks (Nov 6-7).  Though I THINK that I have a decent idea of what's been developed by various P2 programs that relates directly to the Chemical industry, I would like to update my presentation to include as current and broad a range of resources as possible.
Hence, I would appreciate getting the following information from the participants in the P2TECH and NPPR lists:
- URL's of online documents which deal with pollution prevention, energy efficiency, and/or compliance assistance in the Chemical process industries.  Case studies, fact sheets, checklists, etc are all welcome.
- contact information for programs, individuals, or organizations which work closely with the chemical industry on P2 issues.  Since we already work closely with the industry trade groups (such as SOCMA) I am thinking more in terms of agency contacts and NGO's, especially at the state or regional level.
- information about initaitives, programs and campaigns that will be focusing on p2 in the chemical process industries over the next 6-12 months (or longer).  This information will ideally be accompanied by contact information and/or URL links.
I will post the results of this inquiry (as well as my presentation materials) to ChemAlliance shortly after the SOCMA conference.
Thanks in advance,

* SOCMA = the Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association (www.socma.com).

Scott Butner (butner@battelle.org)
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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
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