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NJTAP Ceases Operation

Effective October 1, 2001, the New Jersey Technical Assistance Program
(NJTAP) ceases operations.  In mid-September, New Jersey's Department of
Environmental Protection advised New Jersey Institute of Technology  - whose
Newark, NJ, campus serves as the base for NJTAP services - that it has
decided to discontinue funding support for NJTAP.   NJTAP has served the New
Jersey small business community since 1992, providing confidential, no-cost
pollution prevention assistance and advice to many through on-site
assessments, publications, training and presentations.  At present, NJTAP
staff expects to complete the last of its P2 support and reporting within
the next week and to see to an orderly and timely transfer of its National
Metal Finishing Strategic Goals Program technical support role to others in
New Jersey. Please direct any questions and/or comments regarding this
notice to Dr. Daniel J. Watts, Director, York Center for Environmental
Engineering and Science, daniel.j.watts@njit.edu

Jini Cook
List Manager
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