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new manual for pollution prevention and energy efficiency assessments

New Guide to Pollution Prevention / Cleaner Production Assessments
In June 2001 the US EPA published the
Guide to Industrial Assessments for Pollution Prevention and Energy Efficiency
EPA 625/R-99/003
It is in PDF format, a large file (4 megs) and can be downloaded from
I have found that many people have poor Internet connections, or no personal access to the Web, so they cannot easily download the many large documents on Pollution Prevention/Cleaner Production such as the one above.  I am considering producing a CD-ROM with the "Greatest Hits of P2/CP" collected from public agencies around the world that are freely available for distribution (no copyright restrictions for distribution).  So far I have a collection of about 200 megs of great "how to" manuals, guidance papers, e-books and software.  Highlights include slide shows, spreadsheets, and other useful stuff.  It is the material that I most recommend to people who need a solid collection of reference material on P2/CP and sustainable business. For my qualifications as an editor of such a collection please see www.cleanerproduction.com, which I produce and which has a very large collection of links to P2/CP resources, all personally annotated. If you would like to receive more information about this CD-ROM reference collection if and when it becomes available, please email me at bhamner@cleanerproduction.com.  Please note:  Only material with no copyright restrictions on distribution will be included.
Burt Hamner