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Solid waste reduction programs

P2 techies:

I am looking for information on source reduction strategies (not recycling) 
for solid waste.  Waste types include binders, catalogs, packaging 
(peanuts, Styrofoam, cardboard, paper), beverage containers, plastics, wood 
pallets, and food wastes.

We have recycling pathways developed for many of these waste streams, but 
we are looking for source reduction approaches to achieve fairly aggressive 
reduction goals.

Does anyone have specific examples of programs or approaches that 
companies/organizations have put into place to source reduce these 
materials (reusable pallets, supplier relationships to "own" packaging, 
double-sided printers, electronic filing systems,etc)?   Any incentives 
that companies have used to get employee buy-in to these types of programs?

Pat Gallagher
Hazardous and Sanitary Waste Minimization Coordinator
Environmental Stewardship Office
Los Alamos National Laboratory
PO Box 1663, MS J591
Los Alamos, NM
505-665-8118 (fax)