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Re: Solid waste reduction programs

Two places to start are the Transport Packaging section of 
http://wrrc.p2pays.org/industry/indsector.htm and

We recently assessed a few dozen industrial sites for
source reduction opportunities and barriers and I'd be
happy to speak with you. 

--- Patricia Gallagher <patg@lanl.gov> wrote:
> P2 techies:
> I am looking for information on source reduction
> strategies (not recycling) 
> for solid waste.  Waste types include binders, catalogs,
> packaging 
> (peanuts, Styrofoam, cardboard, paper), beverage
> containers, plastics, wood 
> pallets, and food wastes.
> We have recycling pathways developed for many of these
> waste streams, but 
> we are looking for source reduction approaches to achieve
> fairly aggressive 
> reduction goals.

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