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Re: Solid waste reduction programs


Take a look at the resource management model described here:

The study/write-up articles linked to this page were done by Tellus.org,
but I can put you in touch with the folks here in Nebraska who were closely
involved, if you like.



Richard Yoder, P.E.
Director, P2RIC.org
1313 Farnam St.  Suite 230
Omaha, NE  68182

ph:  402.595.2381
fax: 402.595.2385

-- Patricia Gallagher <patg@lanl.gov> wrote:
> P2 techies:
> I am looking for information on source reduction
> strategies (not recycling)
> for solid waste.  Waste types include binders, catalogs,
> packaging
> (peanuts, Styrofoam, cardboard, paper), beverage
> containers, plastics, wood
> pallets, and food wastes.
> We have recycling pathways developed for many of these
> waste streams, but
> we are looking for source reduction approaches to achieve
> fairly aggressive
> reduction goals.