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Re: Old computers

Title: Re: Old computers
Try the Cristina Foundation in Greenwich CT; they have a web page with all the info you need - will match your equipment with one or more not-for-profits in your area, give you the option of a pick-up if possible (worked out between the donor and receiver organizations), and give you a letter with the blue book value of the donation.  -Stephanie
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On 10/12/01 11:00 AM, "Judith Wlodarczyk" <jwlodarc@connstep.org> wrote:
> I was approached by one of our clients who is looking for a place to recycle
> old computers, monitors and printers.  He has them palletized and
> stretch-wrapped, with no place to go.  Does anyone know of any recyclers that
> will handle this?  Would appreciate any leads/suggestions you may have.
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