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Workshop Oppty - Setting Up Electronics Recycling/Reuse Programs

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From: John Leigh
Sent: Friday, October 12, 2001 9:44 AM
Subject: [eppnet] Electronics Workshops -- experts, scholarships, hotels

Apologies for cross posting.  Please forward to potential attendees...
The Northeast Recycling Council (NERC) has assembled an impressive group of experts from around the country to deliver training workshops later this month on the topic of Setting Up Electronics Recycling/Reuse Programs.  APPLICABLE TO COMMUNITIES ANYWHERE IN THE U.S., the workshops will take place in Schenectady, NY (just outside Albany) on October 26 and Boston on November 7.
There is still room in both workshops for late registrants and SCHOLARSHIPS ARE STILL AVAILABLE for municipal and county officials (please call for details).  The deadline for receiving a group rate for sleeping at the Schenectady hotel is today, October 12.  The Boston location has been changed to the superb Marriott Long Wharf, on Boston Harbor one block from historic Fanueil Hall.  The group rate deadline for sleeping accommodations in Boston is October 16.
To view the detailed agenda with speakers and hotel information, or to register to attend a workshop, visit www.nerc.org or call 802-254-3636.
NERC has surveyed public collection programs across the country to characterize how communities are collecting electronic equipment and how much it is costing them.  The results of this work will be incorporated into the workshops and into a comprehensive training manual provided to each workshop participant.
Sponsored by the US EPA, these workshops will present a range of collection strategies, including their costs, challenges and key features.  Trainers will share information such as how to set appropriate user fees, how program costs are impacted by various factors, and what to look for in an electronics recycler.  Participants will have plenty of opportunity to focus on specific areas of interest, from one-day event planning to long-term cooperative marketing.  Demanufacturers and other electronics vendors will be present to provide networking opportunities and further know-how on this hot topic.
Who should attend?
- Governments seeking tools to manage growing amounts of used electronics
- Recyclers and reuse organizations who want to make contact with sources of used electronics
- Anyone who wants to know how communities across the U.S. collect electronics equipment and how much it costs them.
Thank you,
John Leigh
Northeast Recycling Council (NERC)
Brattleboro, Vermont
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