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More on Enviromental Conditions/Directions

Based on responses from my original listing (see below), I thought it best to explain my request a bit more.

Essentially, I am looking for any existing studies or other resources available that identified the environmental conditions of a particular focus and used them to help determine the direction for future P2 activities.  In this case, "environmental conditions" specifically relates to any issues that can be affected by P2 practices (i.e., hazardous materials, construction waste, etc.).  Examples of a particular focus may be a geographic region (i.e., city, state, etc.) or an industrial/commerical business or others???.

I hope this sheds more light on my question.  Thanks to those who already responded! 



Hello All,

I'm currently involved in a project within Colorado to help identify
and collect information about environmental conditions.  The ultimate
goal of
the project is to help identify future P2 priorities

Do any P2techers have similar types of studies or resources
(governmental or otherwise) to which you can refer me? 

In advance, thanks - jks

Julie Sieving

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