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Dioxins Pollution Prevention

The San Francisco Bay Area Dioxins Project recently completed a report
that identifies and evaluates dioxins pollution prevention options for
local governments.  Dioxins are a group of persistent, bioaccumulative
toxic substances that are of significant concern for both human health
and the environment.  

The Bay Area Dioxins Project was started in the fall of 1999 by San
Francisco Bay Area local government agencies wishing to work together to
study the problems of dioxins and recommend possible solutions or
actions for local governments around the San Francisco Bay.  The project
is coordinated by the Association of Bay Area Governments, which has the
report and other project information on its web site:

Report (in adobe acrobat): 
Main project web site:  http://dioxin.abag.ca.gov/

The Bay Area Dioxins project is currently beginning three pollution
prevention initiatives:
(1) a purchasing project involving alternatives to certain PVC products
and investigating the possibility of establishing a process chlorine
free paper purchasing pool
(2) identification of diesel vehicle conversion funding sources for the
use of participating municipalities
(3) a project on alternatives to medical waste incineration for

Kelly Moran
TDC Environmental