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bonds for P2 financing?

Hi all.  I am trying find out if local governments can use bond financing to support P2 programs.  There is a huge amount of money in socially responsible funds, and I think that investors would really like "green bonds" that support P2.  It is the only way I can think of to direct private capital in large amounts to P2 for small business and it seems reasonably feasible on first look.  Since P2 improves local govt and economy performance, this would tend to improve bond ratings so it is a nice package.  Investors should like them too because the vast majority of Socially Responsible Investment is in stocks.  And of course now all stocks suck, if the investors had diversified with bonds in their portfolios they would be much better off right now. Do you know of any such financing mechanisms or have any suggestions for further inquiry? 
Burt Hamner