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RE: Old computers

Thank you all for sharing the good information.

United Recycling Industries (800-270-8220 or www.unitedrecycling.com) offers a service for smaller, individual needs, which is similar (but with a little twist) to the Xerox program. For $27.99, United Recycling Industries will send customers a kit containing a shipping label to affix to a box, as well as a discount of 6 to 9 percent on Compaq products. Participants can ship up to 70 poounds of electronics, including computers, printers, monitors, keyboards, external modems, and fax machines. United refurbishes and donates usable computers to local charities and recycles the components and materials of items which can not be reused.

The program started in June and is targeted to residents and small businesses in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin.

United Recycling also services bulk shipments of electronics from businesses and community collections.

To my understanding, United Recycling is 14001 Certified and is the first recycler to be certified by the International Associatio of Electronics Recyclers (Albany NY).

Steve Leuty
Kalamazoo County (Michigan) Recycling Coordinator

>>> "Illig, Richard" <rillig@state.pa.us> 10/25/01 07:31AM >>>

You're right.  I never really noticed but the IBM offer fails to give an
address.  Rather than explore the IBM website, I searched on Envirocycle -
mentioned in the IBM article.  The web address is www.envirocycle.com.  The
contact information given at the website is:

	Rt. 81, Exit 230
	P.O. Box 899
	Hallstead, PA  18822-0899
	570-879-2862, or
	Fax: 1-570-879-2008

The list, mentioned in my e-mail, gives the same address for Enviorcycle
other than it lists Exit 68 rather than Exit 230, given above.  It also
lists a contact e-mail address - gvoorhees@matcogroup.com - and lists
extension 308 for the first telephone number given above.

If you plan to send either large or routine shipments to them, I suggest
exploring the costs prior to mentioning the IBM article price.


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Ric provided the info and web connection, but the article does not provide
an address or way to find out more. Have you gotten assistance with making
that connection from others?


>Try IBM recycling offer
>I also have a (slightly dated) state-by-state list of recycling facilities.
>It's a pretty large list so I would hesitate to send the whole thing but,
>you tell me which state or couple states you would be interested in I'll
>what I can find.  I would also need your fax number.
>(If other list members have an interest in the list, please send me a
>mailing address for the entire list, or a fax number and the state(s) you
>would like to see...I'll do my best to get the info to you.
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> I was approached by one of our clients who is looking for a place to
>old computers, monitors and printers.  He has them palletized and
>stretch-wrapped, with no place to go.  Does anyone know of any recyclers
>will handle this?  Would appreciate any leads/suggestions you may have.
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