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Cleaner production conference proceedings avail online

Now online: selected papers from the 2nd Asia Pacific Cleaner Production Roundtable held in Brisbane, Australia between the 21-23 April 1999. Lots of good technical papers, discussions of sustainability, product policy, engineering solutions, etc.  Papers are in PDF format, and the main page has a good table of contents.
Discussion papers from the 3rd AP CP roundtable are online at http://www.aprcp.org/about/discussion.htm
If anyone knows whether the papers from the 1st roundtable in Bangkok are online, please let me know!
It would be great if there was one page somewhere with links to the proceedings of the various CP/P2 roundtables and conferences that happen every year.  Send me links to such proceedings and maybe I can put them up on my site, www.cleanerproduction.com.
Burt Hamner