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Re: CD P2 Effort

Re the CD with "P2's Greatest Hits", I don't want anyone to get the wrong
idea about what I am doing, let me explain a little more:

Diane Buxbaum wrote:

> I am confused.  Is this a self-sustaining (dollar-wise) project?   Is
> the $50 a profit from your effort?  Can you clear this up? Why can't we
> just give it away?  It is really will be useful, can't we just spread it
> around?

Yes, this is intended to be a small self-sustaining project that covers my
time in putting together a draft catalogue, managing a feedback and
suggestion process, designing an intelligent and useful final catalogue
structure, staying online for many hours to get the documents, writing an
annotated bibliography in HTML so people know what the docs are about,
creating an autoexec file so the CD runs when you pop in the drive,
fine-tuning the beta product, getting feedback on the beta product, shopping
for a mass-production house and getting a first run of CDs (at my own
expense), setting up a website to handle requests and orders, developing and
implementing a promotion plan, putting together a small distribution/product
management space somewhere, purchasing CD mailers, writing a little brochure
and copying it, buying postage, figuring out how much postage to put on each
mailer (lots of int'l people have asked for the CD), actually taking orders
and managing the bank account, ensuring that orders are properly credited,
developing an audit trail so if someone does not get their CD we can either
find it or replace it or refund their money, figuring out what to do if some
agency decides their non-copyright document is now copyright - after it is
on the CD, ensuring that all docs are indeed free for distribution, and
responding to relevant questions like this one.  As to "why can't we just
give it away?", just who is "we"?  Please note above tasks and that
eliminating the sales part does not eliminate most of the work.

I am doing this because most people in the world cannot get good P2 docs off
the Internet.  I do little projects like this sometimes because they are the
right thing to do for P2, but please note that I work for myself and no one
else is covering my time on this.  The CD itself will not be copyright.  If
anyone wants to copy the thing and give it away themselves, after I have
done all the design and production, well I can't stop that nor do I want to.
Go for it.  Don't forget your task list.

Burt Hamner

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> This Message was undeliverable due to the following reason:
> Anyway, my major contribution is a small one, and it is actually for you
> to contact Marvin Stillman at Univ. of Rochester and Strong Memorial
> Hospital.  They have a system there that has virtually eliminated all
> mercury from both facilities through the elimination of the obvious and
> the establishment of a committee that oversees any PO for any substance
> that contains mercury and the need to show that there is no alternative
> to that product. (716-275-2056)
> (With apologies to Marv for not letting you know first.  diane)
> Also, my Diane D. Buxbaum,  M.P.H.
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> The response from the P2/CP community on the need for a CDROM on
> "Greatest
> Hits in Pollution Prevention and Cleaner Production and Sustainable
> Business" has been very positive, so I am going to do it.  Yow, as if I
> need
> more to do.
> You can help!  The intention of the CD is to make available the LARGER
> P2/CP
> publications out there that many (most?) people have a hard time
> downloading.  It will NOT include fact sheets or short stuff that can
> reasonably be downloaded.
> Draft contents:
> P2 and EMS Generic Manuals / Books
> Industry sector manuals, including municipalities as a sector
> Topical manuals:  Env accounting, design for envir, green purchasing, P2
> training, etc.
> Software:  env accounting and budgeting, building design, energy
> efficiency,
> slide shows on P2/CP,
> Databases if I can find any that are downloadable (the Office of
> Industrial
> Technologies http://www.oit.doe.gov/bestpractices/databases.shtml has
> such a
> big database with over 7000 assessment results).
> Now is your chance to suggest contents:  What do you recommend be on
> this
> CD?  Resources should be
> a) legal for reproduction and distribution, with proper attribution
> b) at least 100 kb in size, big enough that it is a pain for most people
> to
> download
> c) "Significant", i.e. a relatively definitive/authoritative resource
> d) the kind of thing you would want in a basic P2/CP library
> Please note:  Big filesize does NOT mean "good".  Too many people are
> now
> putting out PDF files over 1 meg in size for download, then you find
> that
> the darn thing is really just a brochure with lots of pictures.  HELLO!:
> Big files full of pretty pictures and little real content waste
> bandwidth
> and prevent distribution, so don't make them!
> Distribution:  I think I can make this available for mail order over the
> web
> via a small shopping cart site we are setting up, you will be able to
> order
> it with a credit card for $50, including all postage etc, to anywhere
> (including int'l).  We can also take checks, they will go through a
> non-profit organization.  There will be a good volume discount.
> I will put up a webpage with the draft contents list on my own website,
> www.cleanerproduction.com, in a few days.  This will be based on what I
> have
> already (which is way too much, I am never going to read all this
> stuff...)
> So start sending your suggestions to bhamner@cleanerproduction.com.
> There
> will be a contest:  The three people who send in the most useful
> suggestions
> for content will get a FREE CD sent by me personally, anthrax-free.
> Burt Hamner