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Fwd: Tellus Institute & EPA Environmental Accounting Project

Chris Pierre (EPA) issued a request for proposal to operate the EPA 
Environmental Accounting Project.  I chose not to bid on the project 
because it seemed to favor Tellus' strengths and they had much experience 
with this office ever since its conception.  Tellus is also involved with 
the German flow accounting effort that was presented at Harvard 
University.  EPA has been involved in a number of other P2 efforts using 
total cost analysis including the German project.  Tellus and EPA have also 
been working closely with NEWMOA to establish an association for people 
involved in this field.  I might still have the electronic files for the 
RFP and the association establishment if you are interested in looking at them.

BOB Pojasek

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>I understand the Tellus Institute has taken over the EPA's Environmental
>Accounting Project.
>Does anyone know of any P2 endeaver coordinating with the EPA's
>Environmental Accounting Project?
>Also, here is my report on financial environmental accounting in Europe for
>your review.
>Please see:
>Europe Tightens Corporate Environmental Accounting Rules
>Thanks for your assistance.
>Best Wishes,
>Donald Sutherland
>Member of the Society of Environmental Journalists


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