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RE: solvent for gripper installation & RE: Solvent Substitution Website


A soapy solution is a good thing to try - my suspicion however is that the 
soapy residue will stay and either it will make the handles easy to come 
off also - for a long time,  or there may be appearance problems or worse, 
corrosion problems over the long term.  but it is simple to try and 
environmentally friendly so give it a try.
Other similar materials that are likely to have similar pros & cons are 
glycerin and lubricant for feeding electrical wire through conduit during 
electrical installations.

Next steps
Toluene has a number of problems so finding less hazardous solvent also has 
1. try mineral spirits, or a terpene - both should evaporate over a 
reasonable time, so there should not be problems with residues.
2. do a search on http://www.solventcentral.com/ to look for other solvent 

Jeff Lewis was looking for responses on Solvent Central two weeks ago. 
 Here are my observations
It was a nice lead to a new web resource - Thanks Jeff
The site is a chemical solubility modeling service where you enter the 
current solvent used (what works now) and describe your application.  The 
site responds with the best 10 substitute solvents (or you can ask for 2 or 
3 component mixtures) with similar solubilities.  A perfect application for 
Sherry's question.
The downside is model does not by default account for any environmental 
factors,  so a user needs to go an extra. and tedious step of checking 
health data afterwards to determine if you would really want to use the 
suggested alternatives.
The Solvent Central model does allow the user to filter the results using 
the Hazard Management Information System (HMIS) ratings for health, fire 
and reactivity as a first heath/environmental factor screening cut, but it 
is far from a final answer.
I have used the site to look for alternatives to methylene chloride 
strippers and have hopes we may be able to test one or more of the 
alternatives so I may have more feedback later.

Karl DeWahl
MnTAP / University of Minnesota

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Subject:	solvent for gripper installation

Dear P2techers:
I'm working with a tool company using toluene to soak a soft plastic handle 
before sliding it on a metal tool handle.  Tools are mostly pliers and 
such.  The client says the toluene "stretches" the plastic, although I 
think it may just soften it, making it easier to slide onto the tool 
handles.  Does anyone have experience with this type of application and 
know of a different material that may work here?  My first thought is 
heating the handle in a soapy solution from the inside (like a test-tube 
washer system) and then sliding it on...
Any ideas would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
Sherry Davis

From:	Jeff Lewis [SMTP:Jeff.Lewis@epa.state.oh.us]
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Subject:	Solvent Substitution Website

Do any P2 Tech members have experience with the following solvent 
selection/solvent solvent substitution tool at:
http://www.solventcentral.com/ ?
I'm looking for comments and remarks on the usefulness of the tool for P2 
technical assistance providers.

Jeff Lewis
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