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Yet another P2-by-sector site

EPA has a new program trying to offer sector hubs for environmental information at
It has just started and has only 5 industry sectors so far.  Looks like the GETF talked EPA Office of Policy into a fine effort duplicating lots of other efforts.
Now, just a while ago P2RX.Org launched a great site on sectors with tons of info.  Seems like EPA is duplicating this same effort except at much higher cost I bet.
I hope someone at OPPT is going to do something about this proliferation and duplication of effort on sector hubs.  There are now about 20 of them (including mine) and it is starting to be a real pain trying to keep up, they are starting to cross-reference each other even.  I put my vote for getting this new SectorStar program to collaborate with P2RX and let it do the sector-specific work.
Burt Hamner